Sundecks and Additions

Need more living space? Indoor or outdoor additions can increase your living space and greatly improve your well-being. Why not add a room or two, or perhaps, create a beautiful sundeck. Building onto the side of your home really isn’t that complicated. Let us help you with a design that will perfectly fit your home and give the comfort of more living space.
In addition to extra rooms and sundecks, you may want to enhance the look of your backyard by adding a gazebo, hot tub enclosure, pergola or arbor. We have many ideas that can change your outdoor living environment for the better!

Bathroom and Kitchens

Still have that harvest gold 70’s sink and tub in the main bathroom? How about kitchen cabinets built from plywood with brass handles and knobs? We can get rid of that in no time, and install a modern design with beautiful, new cabinets and fixtures.
Did you know that kitchen and bathroom renovations are among the best investments you can do for your home that will greatly add to its value?

Basement Renovations

We are well-versed in the building codes and requirements for suites and basement finishing. From the onset of the job, right through to the finish, all municipal and code requirements will be met. Give us a bare-bones, cold cement basement, and it will be transformed to a warm, comfortable space.

Home Remodeling

Whether you want a wall moved, a door or two changed, or perhaps just take everything apart and start again. We have undertaken many jobs that have required tearing out walls, floor, redefining spaces, alternating room configurations, and much more. If you can dream it, we can make it a reality!

Millwork and Finishing

Update the look of your home by taking out those old flat panel doors, floor, plain baseboards, and outdated window trims. Hanging new doors, installing some fancier baseboards and maybe even crown mouldings, will greatly enhance the look of your home. A small investment in aesthetics can turn your home into a castle!

Leasehold Improvements

Are you a business owner with office or retail space? Perhaps you have a warehouse that need renovations? We have renovated many offices, stores and have added space to warehouse and movie studios. Give us your ideas or show us your plans and we will complete your project to your utter satisfaction.

Project Management

Samcon Building Solutions has a very reliable group of trades people that have worked for us for many years. If you have an idea of something you need built, we can manage your job for you. We will obtain all necessary permits, hire trades, manage and supervise the job. In the end your project will come to fruition with the aid of many years of experience — headache and worry free!

Special Projects

UBC Laser Telescope Building

From time to time Samcon receives requests for projects that are out of the ordinary. The UBC Laser Telescope Building certainly falls under this parameter. We found this building project to be challenging, interesting, and rewarding. Please view the slideshow for a visually documented record of this project from start to finish.